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Systems Thinking Certification

Certification Program for Prospective Managers and Technocrats


Who should attend


Students currently pursuing MBA/BE;

Students passed out with not more than 5 years of work experience.


What you would learn


  1. ​Acquiring a longer term, more strategic outlook that translates to more effective actions;

  2. Acquiring the ability to make better decisions based on better logic based on the Systems Thinking Approach, and a more complete and holistic view;

  3. Achieving better clarity of purpose for themselves, their teams and organizations resulting in higher productivity, when they apply proven and practical strategic thinking methodologies and frameworks;

  4. Understanding the organization as a system, and how to manage the organisation as a system for longer term and more sustainable growth and organisational result;

  5. Acquiring tools and techniques to become more strategic on a daily basis.

Certification Program for Managers and Sr.Management


Who should attend


Experienced professionals;

What you would learn


  1. Having a more strategically focused teams of managers, that make greater individual strategic contributions and collectively manage the organization more strategically;

  2. Acquiring a strategic thinking model used as a common thinking framework among its teams of managers;

  3. Having its teams of managers equipped with tools they can readily use with their people to create a more strategic mindset and outlook, as opposed to a operations-only mindset;

  4. Sowing the seed for running the organization more strategically for longer term and more sustainable organizational results.

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