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consulting practice

Under the TM (Transition Management) consulting umbrella the practice ensures to transform the family managed business to  a more professionally driven one ,eliminating any road blocks that would act as operational deterrants and make the transition as smooth as possible.Here too the focus is more on streamline operations and achieve an optimised strategic-operational alignment.


Practice Highlights

1.  Smooth transition form a Family Owned Business to a More Professionally driven one;

2.  Making the organisation well equipped to handle any expansion plans and be able to compete within its competetive environment  in a more professional way and expect definitive results;

3.  Sustaining the Transition to  deliver an Improved ROI; 

4.  Making the organisation well equipped  wrt systems-processes-people and efficiently deliver in an improved environment;

5.  Focussing on not only the cost effectiveness of the change but also on sustainability which is a key to success for any change to deliver results over a period of time.


a smooth

and productive


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