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Ccerebrate Brand Research Measurement

& Management Framework

The CBMMF is an implementation driven approach which provides a perfect balance wrt the brand internalisation and externalisaton for a robust overall brand management.The model bifurcates  the measurement and management into three stages with the initiatinn starting with the Brand Charter,followed by the customer and market related parameters with an inbuilt capability of assessing the brand health and finally delivering the results through an implementation to bring in the changes in the strategy at the top-line and aligning the operations accordingly.


The approach has an inbuilt capability for becoming an integral part of a CCBC-BLI.


CBMMF Highlights:


1.A structured approach.


2.Delivers a realtime monitoring and control platform.


3.Integrates the basic strengths of Ccerebrate-ATA


4. Brings in sustainable results.

brand management with an inbuilt implementaton

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